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JoLeigh (Joyce Leigh Bowden)

JoLeigh & Lee

JoLeigh first came to NYC to attend the Drama Division at Juilliard, and finding it intolerable, she quit after her first year there. When she returned to New York and stumbled by grace upon Arthur Russell, everything started to make sense again. Arthur was still in his Flying Hearts period at the time. Arthur began having JoLeigh improvise vocals on many songs, including:  ‘Tell You Today’, ‘It’s a Boy’, ‘The Letter’, ‘Over the Line’, My Tiger’ , ‘Keeping Up’, ‘Sunshine Lover’, ‘Losing My Taste for the Nightlife’, Mr. Problems’, ‘It’s a Turn On’, and ‘Don’t Forget About Me’. On tour with Jerry Harrison and the Casual Gods  she met Joey Ramone and they ended up becoming a really good friends so when they returned to New York, they had fun singing together in Joey’s side group he called The Resistance. Later JoLeigh added vocals to David Byrne‘s “Uh Oh” album , and the Tom Tom Club’s “Dark Sneak Love action.” In 1995, she helped found and went on to perform with Raleigh NC’s Milagro Saints. Her current band is Bear 54 which was the band Arthur’s Landing started out to be.  She added melodic intent and vocals to Peter Zummo’s recent ‘Dress Code’ album.

She is pulling together material for a 2023 release on Moon Caravan Records. Her last solo release ‘Jolei’ was produced by Rick Lassiter from the Goodnight Graces.


Milton (co-produced with Milton)
Milagro Saints (some songs on ‘Let it Rain’)
Goodnight Graces (co-produced with Rick Lassiter)


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Wild Combination

Follow You

A Little Lost

Misty Roses

I’ll Be Outside

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Tonight, A Hurricane

Theme song singer for Bubblegum Crisis recorded by Jack Bryson Bowden

Lead & Backing Vocals

Arthur Russell ‘Tell You Today’, ‘Don’t Forget About Me’, ‘Wild Combination’, ‘Keeping Up’, 

David Byrne – ‘Uh Oh’

Tom Tom Club – ‘Dark Sneak Love Action’

Ernie Brooks – ‘Falling they Get You’

Peter Zummo Deep Dive, ‘The Tape is Real’

Bernie Worrell Untitled (coming soon)

Jerry Harrison and the Casual Gods:

     First record:  ‘A Perfect Lie’ Uh-Oh

      Walk on Water : various 

John Moran ‘The Manson Family, An Opera’

Marshall Crenshaw and the E Street Band ‘Crazy’

Milagro Saints – ‘Invisible Child’, ‘God of the Big and Small’, ‘Casa Red’

Gabrielle Roth – ‘Totem’, ‘Initiation’, ‘Waves’ ‘Ritual’

Tom Tom Club’s Dark Sneak Love Action, 1991

David Byrne’s Uh Oh, 1992

Stage & Screen

Matlock season 7 | Episode: The Singer

 Joyce Leigh Bowden – Credits (text only) – IMDb:

Victim of Beauty (Nightmare in Columbia County)

Crazy People 

Perfect Crime

Weekend at Bernies